Tuesday, August 4, 2009

TTM - Seth McClung

The A&G sets are perfect for autographs. I send off all the doubles I can. I have some doubles left though don't worry. They'll make my doubles list soon enough. Anyway, as of today here is my latest TTM.....Seth McClung.

Seth was born February 7, 1981. It still messes me up that people in the majors are older than me. Than again I will be 29 in 2 weeks so I should be used to it by now. Anyway back to Mr. McClung. He has pitched as both a starter and a reliever in his brief career.

Seth comes from a sporting family. His father, Mike, was an all-state high school football player. His brother, Marcus, is a former football player at Virginia Tech and the Canadian Football League, his brother Shawn played extreme sports, and his younger brother Sam was a lineman at Tusculum College in Greenville, Tennessee.

McClung began the 2006 season with the Tampa Bay Rays as a starting pitcher, was sent later that year to the minor leagues, and was converted to be a closer.

He started the 2007 season in Triple-A Durham of the International League, before being traded to the Milwaukee Brewers.

Late in the 2008 season, after impressive relief outings for the Brewers against the Chicago Cubs, his nickname 'Big Red' began to stick on account of his stature and pitching command and velocity.

Not much to say yet on this young man's career, but lets see where it takes him. Thank you Mr. McClung

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