Friday, August 14, 2009

Random Pack of the Day - 1992 Donruss

This was a fat pack. 27 cards. Only got one off my want list though. I have a ton of doubles on this set so if anyone need any just let me know. Another set that's definitely not one of my favorites but there have been worse sets.

Got some good players here, even though they were all doubles. Here are just a few of them.

Always nice to have a good rookie. Kenny Lofton.....check!

You would think I was an Astro fan or something. I can assure you I am not. Don't even get me started about Scott scuffing balls.

Not a Yankee fan either. As a matter of fact I despise the Yankees. I bleed orange and blue but you can't deny the career that Mattingly had, that's for sure.

Also included in this pack was:

Dennis Eckersley
David Cone (would've put a pic up but couldn't find a photo)
Lenny Dykstra (Nails was playing for the evil Phillies at the time)
Tommy Greene Highlights card (no hitter) I actually have two of these autographed by Mr. Greene already
John Olerud (The boy in the helmet)
Roberto Alomar (Waste of a lot of NY money)
Joel Skinner
Rick Aguilera (should've held onto him for a couple more years)
Chris James (I'm CHRIS James, Bitch)
Pat Combs
Walt Weiss
Ken Caminiti
Mike Pagliarulo
Joey Cora
Chuck Crim
Steve Olin
Eric Yelding
B.J. Surhoff (who names there son BJ?)
Kelly Gruber
Jay Buhner
Bud Black (Budweiser's new Stout)
Dan Pasqua
Robby Thompson

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