Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Black Sheep

When I say Black Sheep I don't mean the Chris Farley & David Spade comedy. Through the years there have actually been over 10 films American and Foreign with the same name, Black Sheep. The movie I am speaking of however is the 2006, Johnathan King directed horror film from New Zealand. Check out the poster below. This movie is a riot. If you want a "bloody" (yes I know thats British, so shoot me) good laugh you should definitely check this one out. Beneath the poster is a brief synopsis.

On a farm in New Zealand three young boys, brothers Angus (Eli Kent) and Henry (Nick Fenton) Oldfield and Tucker (Sam Clarke) are rounding up sheep. Angus, who wears a leg brace and walks with a limp, kills Henry's pet sheep Dudley and terrifies him by dressing up in the dead sheep's carcass. Years later Angus comes back to the farm, with a sheep phobia, only to find out his brother, Henry, has been genetically engineering sheep leading to horrific consequences.

This movie is very funny and will give you one hell of a laugh. I mean, think about it. A horror movie where you are scared of sheep because they will turn you into zombie/sheep creatures. Do I really need to say more? I mean that right there tells you it will be hilarious. The actors do a great job at being believable in this crazy horror/comedy. The effects are great for a film not getting a major theatrical release. And not to ruin anything but lets just say there is a scene with Henry (Nick Fenton) with his pants down locked in a room with a sheep. Its classic! "You wouldn't understand"

The movie gets 4 Burning skulls as a great underground horror/comedy which has lately been seen on the IFC channel. I definitely recommend it if you're looking for a good laugh. Get ready for the "Violence of the Lambs!" Enjoy the trailer below. Pleasant Dreams.

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