Sunday, January 3, 2010

Movie List

As a reader of my site you know i have other vices than cards. One of which is horror movies. I am currently up to 564 movies in the collection. I have created a sub site with a list of all my films. You can link to it right under my want list and doubles list (which I really need to work on, will do after i go through my Christmas haul) I have linked the site with all my reviews that I've done so far and will continue to do so with all future reviews.

One of the first horror films I remember watching as a kid was the original House of Wax, (not really an original though as even this one was based on the movie, Mystery of the Wax Museum) which incidentally is not in my collection yet. Odd when I think about it. I think I might just have to head to EBay right now for it. I fell in love with horror right then and there. Though I didn't start collecting films until after I got back into baseball cards. I thought to myself, Hey I collect cards why not my favorite movies.

Of all the classic creature features, Nosferatu, Dracula, The Wolf Man, Frankenstein, etc...The Creature from the Black Lagoon is my favorite. Though I am a big fan of the original Frankenstein series as well.

One, Two, Freddy's coming for you. Three, Four, better lock your door. Five, Six, Grab your crucifix. Seven, Eight, Better stay up late. Nine, Ten, Never sleep again!!! The original is still a classic. Interested to see how the remake turns out. Speaking of remakes, has anyone seen the preview for the new Wolfman movie? I will be there, first show opening day for that one. Guaranteed!!!

A horror fan's favorite. The Exorcist is one of the best movies ever made. And the fact that this movie came out on Christmas day always puts a smile on my face. How funny is that? Here's something you may not know. The book, the movie is based on, and the movie are almost a word for word remake. And I highly recommend the book to anyone who liked the film.
Last January I had a horror-fest at my place which was awesome. Anyone who read my old blog will (hopefully) remember that. This year I plan to do it again. Not in January, but it will be done again. So stay tuned for further horror reviews, news on Joe's 2nd annual horrorfest and feel free to check out the ever growing list. Pleasant Nightmares!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Topps U & H

I just started working on these a couple weeks ago. Since then I have bought a couple blasters as well as some 50 card packs. Have some good stuff here too. I've added this set to my want list as well. Please help where you can.

Thought I would start with the patch cards. One for each of the 3 blasters boxes I bought. I'm not sure how to feel about these. On one hand, I like the way they look and I like that they are older players. But they're not real. They are just remakes of patches. It's not like these were actually on Frank Robinson, Ernie Banks and Stan Musial's jerseys at any point. So I'm torn. I appreciate them for what they are though. Remakes of patches for another time, I guess.

Next we have the propaganda series. I absolutely love these. I have to get this whole set. It doesn't help that the first one I got was David Wright. These cards have a great look and its a different type of subset. Definitely have to get all of these. Wait did I say that already? Don't care, I want them. (In case you couldn't tell) Interesting that the Mets one says Victory is Imminent.

Alright anyone who reads this blog or even just this post for that matter, knows that I am a Met fan. And as a Met fan I obviously hate the Yankees. However, I think this is one of my favorite cards that I own. The New York Rockers? This is awesome. Swisher and Damon devil horns!!! This is better than an electron card or even the Milky Way! (PS this is called sarcasm) I do love the card though.

Pulled this one out of one of the Blasters as well. This one definitely put a smile on my face. Always great to get a short print. Speaker made it into the Hall of Fame in its second year. Finishing his career with a .345 batting average, 3514 hits and 3 World Series Championships under his belt. He ranks first in career doubles, first in outfield assists, fifth in lifetime batting average, fifth in hits, sixth in triples and eighth in career runs. One hell of an all-around player.

Got this beauty in a 50 pack. The local card shop had 3 left so i bought all 3. I didn't know that Sandberg was originally with the F'n Phils. (As I like to call them) Not that I'm bitter or anything. He looks much better in a Cubs uniform. He probably burned that Philly uniform first chance he got. Last card is another one from a 50 pack and was the best of the haul.

Tim Lincecum Black. 45 of 58. This one really made me happy. Opened it right in the card shop with Steve, formally of The Easy Life. I got one Black last year but it was Manny Acta. Why the hell would they even make a Manny Acta black? Seriously, that was like a big F.U. from topps. This on the other hand is much better. 2 time Cy Young winner, who's star is on the rise. Hey when does he become a free agent? The Mets really need pitching. HA! Lincecum is the first pitcher since Dwight Gooden and Bret Saberhagen to win the Cy-Young in his second year in the league. Gooden with the Mets and Saberhagen later becoming a Met, think about it. Its your destiny Lince.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Laugh in the New Year

Hey all. Just a quick post today but this is for everyone who wants a good laugh. Happy New Year all. Be back tomorrow with another card post. And to everyone I have been in contact with about trades, I am pulling the cards this weekend and they will be in the mail on Monday. Enjoy.