Monday, August 31, 2009

A little bit of this, A little bit of that

Got a little bit of everything here today in this post. First I want to start by thanking the following people, Matt from A Giant Blog, Kerry from Cards on Cards, Greg from Night Owl Cards, Steve from A Baseball State of Mind, Jeff from Card Junkie and of course Steve from the Easy Life and anyone else whose package I may have missed. Unfortunately I got so many and they got all mixed up so other than the posts I already put up I am so scrambled on who gave me what but they are all appreciated very much. I also, as I've said in the past, don't have a scanner so its hard for me to get stuff on when I get it. Since I could only do a few individual posts I wanted to do a big group thanks to you all.

I also want to send another thank you to Card Cache for running his 2009 Allen and Ginter contest. I was one of the 9 winners chosen, well 8 really, damn you Beardy. That was a really cool thing to do and really appreciated. Thanks to Card Cache I am the new owner of, Prize E: Lot of 46 Mini's, both base and SP.

You'd think I won an award or something with all the thank you's. While I'm at it I may as well also thank the Academy. "You like me, you really like me!"

Moving on. August 15 was my birthday and I was finally able to get a copy of this so even though it more than two weeks later I gotta post it. My mother made me this cake for my birthday.

Starry Night is my favorite painting. I have a huge print over my bed in my bedroom. I could not believe when my mom showed me this. It blew my mind. And those are all cupcakes. I think its insane.

Here's another pic with the border she used to make it look framed. Amazing! If ya can't tell, yes I am a Momma's boy. And in honor of Starry Night, one of my favorite cards.

He likes hanging out with the yo-yo champ and the electron in the Milky Way. Damn, I love Allen & Ginter!

Finally today I want to leave you with a trailer you may or may not have seen. Unfortunately Youtube has disabled the embed funtion for it but please follow the link below to view iti On February 12, 2010, I will be in the movie theater for the first showing. Anthony Hopkins and Benicio Del Toro in the remake of The Wolfman. I have a problem with sequels. Mostly just because they usually suck in comparison to the original but there are some which I have enjoyed, 13 Ghosts, House on Haunted Hill (Though the original was much better), Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Again, original better but remake good as well) and Quarantine just to name a few. But this movie looks amazing and with the all-star cast that it has I can not wait to see this film! The countdown begins.

The Wolfman 2009

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