Friday, August 28, 2009

Halloween 2 (2009)

I'm going to start first by saying, I like Rob Zombie. I like his music, I like his other movies, House of 1000 Corpses & The Devil's Rejects and I love his wife. Sheri Moon is hot. But I just do not like his vision of the Halloween series. I absolutely hated the first one. My major problem was the original revolved around Jamie Lee Curtis's character where as in Zombie's version her character doesn't even show up until almost an hour in and the character is just plain forgettable and seems almost like an after thought. So when I heard there was going to be a Zombie sequel I expected the worst. However after seeing the trailer I thought it looked a million times better than the first one so I figured I'd give it a shot.

Picking up right where the first film left off, Laurie is taken to the hospital after supposedly killing the man who was responsible for the deaths of several people in the town of Haddonfield, Illinois. However, her stay at Haddonfield General becomes very brief when a very much alive Michael appears once more, brutally murdering everyone in the hospital to find his sister. Michael disappears, and Laurie survives the infamous Halloween massacre, but is still haunted by it a year later. Laurie struggles to come to terms with her dark past, or at least forget it. But the supposedly dead Michael Myers has other plans, and as the anniversary of his massacre approaches, he returns to Haddonfield once more, with a family reunion planned that Laurie will never forget.

While the film starts off looking like its going to be a remake of the original after about 10 - 15 minutes you see that just like the first film it is definitely a completely different movie. Maybe its because of the original being a horror movie classic or maybe its because Jamie Lee Curtis was so great in her role but I cannot stand Scout Taylor-Compton in the role of Laurie. I think she is a horrible actress and does a horrible job playing a once great heroine.

The movie was however, as I expected, better than Zombie's first shot at the Halloween series. Some great death scenes, great gore and sound effects really add to this movie. Overall though its not something that I think you should dish out X amount of dollars to see in the theaters it isn't a bad movie. But definitely one you wait to see on cable. 3 Burning Skulls. Enjoy the trailer and pleasant dreams.

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