Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random Pack of the Day - 1990 Topps Big

I recently purchased a box with a bunch of random packs in it so I figured I would do a series of posts on each pack. Let me know your thoughts on the sets.

We'll start first today with 1990 Topps Big. Definitely not my favorite set but I have seen much worse.

There are 8 cards to a pack and I made ok in this one. We'll start out first with one that Kerry from Cards on Cards will appreciate. Mr. Backflip himself, Ozzie Smith

He was Mr. Charisma as well. As a kid I couldn't believe the way he played the game. He was just an all-around great player. Wouldn't have minded having him on the Mets in the late 80's/early 90's. I also love that the stat on the back is that one of Ozzie's favorite activities is playing Backgammon. Well, I can rest in peace now that I know that.

Also got one of my favorite NY Mets of all time. Too bad his career was cut short due to some personal demons. Darryl Strawberry

Unfortunately I do not have a scanner so I am relying on the pictures I can find on the web and I was unable to find this card but I was able to find this classic picture from The Simpsons.


Also included in this pack was George Bell, Craig Worthington, Mark Lemke, Bob Geren, Jody Reed, and Carlos Martinez. Well I guess this is another set I'll have to start working on now. I won't put a want list up though until I get a few more. "8 isn't enough" (boy, I'm dating myself) to start a list. The list is big enough already.

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  1. Hey, Joe (where you goin with that gun)

    I have a BUNCH of cards for you from your wantlist, but I can't find your email address. Give me a shout, and I'll list them off for you today, and send them when I get back from vacation in a week. I have lots of 97, some 08, some Heritage and A&G for you.

    Saints of the Cheap Seats