Monday, August 10, 2009

1990 Score

So I head down to my card shop the other day for some boxes, needed to put some stuff away & get some plastic ones to mail out stuff for you all. Anyway while I'm there I decided to pick up a couple packs of A & G. (Coming in a later post) and I look up and see some old boxes of cardboard goodness from the days where cards were a plenty. If you have checked my want list you see I still need a bunch of old stuff so I decided on a box of 1990 Score.

Not the most appealing set but I needed them. To be honest the only Score set I really like is 1988 and even they are ugly as hell. I have to say the collation was great. 16 cards a pack and I only wound up with maybe 10 - 20 doubles. That is just plain unheard of back then. I got rid of a bunch of cards from my want list including.........

#561 Ryne Sandberg error card showing him as a 3B not 2B. This card Beckett's for $8. Now I Know Beckett is stupid and if I did try to sell the card I'd be lucky to get $2 for it but here's what I found funny. The whole set is "worth" $15. So this one card is worth more than the rest of the set combined. Sorry White Sox, I cant give ya this one as I only got one, but if I had gotten 2 you know 1 would be coming your way for your little side project.

Got a bunch of other great cards and had a great time bustin the box. I have what few doubles I got in this box plus many from before, if you are looking for help with this set let me know. And again please check out my want lists, help me close this one out.

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