Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My horror collection is not just American films. I also love foreign films as well. To be honest right now Asia is putting out much better horror films then the U.S. by far. We just keep stealing them and making our own versions of them instead of releasing the originals, which is a shame.

I don't mind sub-titles. I know a lot of people hate them but they have never bothered me. Currently I have horror movies in Spanish, Korean, Japanese and now I have just added French, with the amazing movie Them. (French Title: Ils)

Clementine is a French teacher living in Romania. She lives there with her husband Lucas, who is a writer. One evening Clementine is awakened by the sound of music coming from their driveway. Her and Lucas head outside where they see that Clementine's car has been moved. Lucas heads for the car when the headlights flash on and the car drives away. Back inside the lights suddenly go out, the phone is dead, eerie sounds and flashlights come from the windows and a night of terror has begun.

From the moment they wake up to the noises in the driveway the tension is turned up to 11. You are on the edge of your seat the entire time not quite sure who is there or what is happening. It is similar to the 2008 film The Strangers in the fact that they are trapped in their own home by an unknown person or persons. This film however came out in 2006 so one has to wonder if it played any part in The Strangers being made in the first place.

Clementine and Lucas are played beautifully by Olivia Bonamy and Michael Cohen. They are believable characters and they suck you in to the situation. You sympathize with the characters and hope they will make it out ok.

The lighting is great, the writing is great, as a matter of fact the only fault I can find in this movie is its length. At only 77 minutes the film is very short. I wish it was longer. I cannot fault the movie for that though. Everything else outweighs the fact that it could have been longer. The movie gets 5 Burning Skulls and is a definite must see for any horror fan. I am very happy to say I was able to find a U.S. trailer for this film, please enjoy below. Pleasant Dreams!

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