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WWE Night Of Champions Results

Boy did I suck tonight 2 for 8. With an average like that I could play for the Mets. Ouch! Well I need to find some humor in their season up to this point. Hey at least i'd be batting .250 Anyway here are the results. These are courtesy of Check them out for all your wrestling news and rumors. They also have a much more detailed results page that covers the PPV hold for hold.

WWE Unified Tag TeamChampionship Match

Chris Jericho & ? (c's) vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase

A recap of Edge's interview was shown. Chris Jericho got on the mic and said that he made a mistake picking Edge as a tag team partner and Edge was selfish for leaving him without a partner. Jericho went on to introduce The Big Show as his partner. Big Show came out sporting a new outfit, it looked like he borrowed Jack Swagger's gear.

Show started the match overpowering Rhodes. After the initial moments, the match was more even, as both teams traded the advantage. Rhodes at one point hit Jericho with a moonsault, but Jericho was able to kick out.

As the match went on, the crowd got more behind Jericho and Show and Legacy wrestled like heels. Legacy looked good here. The finish of the match saw all four men in the ring and Jericho hit Dibiase with the codebreaker. Big Show followed it up with the colossal clutch on Dibiase for the win. Average opener.

Winners And Still WWE Unified Tag Team Champions: Big Show and Chris Jericho

ECW Championship
Tommy Dreamer (c) vs. Christian

Dreamer came out first to a good pop, but Christian came out to a better one. They exchanged slaps to start the match before Christan took control.

Striker and Matthews were talking about an autograph session that Dreamer was at, and Matthews jokingly asked how many people showed up, three or four? Way to bury your own champion. Striker went on to note that Dreamer had a lot of fans.

Both mean tried to make the match work, but the fans just don't buy Dreamer as champion or the ECW title as a real championship. Christian hit Dreamer with the kill switch to win the ECW Championship to a good pop.

Winner and NEW ECW Champion: Christian

WWE United States Championship - Six Pack Challenge
Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Primo Colon vs. MVP vs. Carlito vs. The Big Show vs. The Miz

It was announced that Primo Colon was replacing The Big Show since Show won the tag titles. That's stupid. There were a lot of cool moves in the match, but with six competitors, it was all over the place.

With Show out of the match, Swagger played the monster in the match. Primo and Carlito worked together for a little bit, until Carlito hit Primo with the backstabber. Kofi came in from behind and nailed Carlito with the trouble in paradise to retain the title.

Winner and still WWE United States Champion: Kofi Kingston

WWE Women's Championship
Michelle McCool (c) vs. Melina

McCool nailed Melina with a dropkick as Melina was doing her entrance. Melina quickly recovered and the match was back in the ring.

This was one of the better Women's championship matches in awhile. McCool at one point hit a DDT on Melina on the security wall outside of the ring.

The finish of the match saw McCool reverse a pin attempt to pin Melina and retain the title.

Winner and still WWE Womens Champion: Michelle McCool

WWE Championship - Triple Threat Match
Randy Orton vs. Triple H vs. John Cena

This being Philly, Cena got more boos than he's been getting lately as he came out. Triple H got a mixed reaction as well during the introductions.

Fans were really booing Cena as the match went on, even getting quiet during Cena's offense. It came down to HHH and Cena at one point, and it didn't have the heat that you'd expect. They went back and forth for a bit before The Game hit Cena with a spinebuster and followed it with a pedigree. HHH went for a pin, which was broken up by Orton.

The match went outside the ring, and Orton and HHH battled on the table, but the table was spared. Cena broke it up and went for the STF on HHH, but Orton broke it up and he and Cena battled in the ring. They traded blows, with the crowd giving a 'YAY' for Orton, and a 'BOO' for Cena's punches.

The finish saw HHH get Orton in a sharpshooter. While HHH had Orton in the sharpshooter, Cena got the STF on Orton, so he was in the STF and sharpshooter at the same time. Orton tapped, but the referee didn't know what to do and didn't stop the match. Legacy hit the ring. Cena got Rhodes up for the Attitude Adjustment, but Orton nailed Cena with the RKO to a big pop to pin Cena.

Winner and still WWE Champion: Randy Orton

Really??? You put the WWE Title match, before the Divas title? You've gotta be kidding me!!!

WWE Divas Championship
Maryse (c) vs. Mickie James

The crowd was dead for this match after that last one. Finally, Maryse was going for her finisher, but James countered and hit a DDT to pin Maryse clean.

Winner and NEW WWE Divas Champion: Mickie James

If you would've told me Ziggler would be in the match before the main event I woulda told you you were crazy. This match should've been the curtain jerker

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler

Maria accompanied Ziggler to the ring. The crowd is still dead from the last match. The two tried their best to get the crowd into it, and this was Ziggler's best showing to date.

The finish saw Mysterio hit the 619 and splash to get the clean win. The crowd was quiet until the end. Good match, hurt by the crowd reaction until the end.

Winner and still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Rey Mysterio

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy

They're running short on time. Crowd was pretty quiet again, the Maryse - Mickie James match really sucked the life out of the arena

Punk was working Hardy over with kicks late in the match when Hardy reversed it into a twist of fate. He went for a swanton, put Punk got his knees up. Punk was able to hit the GTS and smiled as he covered Hardy, but only got a two count. He kept going for covers, but Hardy kept kicking out.

Punk went outside the ring and grabbed his belt and started walking towards the back. Hardy attacked Punk in the aisle and got him back into the ring. He hit another twist of fate, followed by a swanton bomb to win the match and the championship!

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion - Jeff Hardy

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