Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How I spent My Opening Day

Since I was not blogging on Opening Day this year I thought I would share a little story with everyone about it. For 3 years running Steve from The Easy Life, and I have watched the Mets game together. A tradition I do not see ending any time soon. Steve and I always pig out. His wife makes the most delicious chicken wing dip I've ever tasted and she also makes some great peanut butter cupcakes which is another tradition I hope does not end any time soon. This year I said I was going to make a cake of the NY Mets logo. I was only half serious. I wanted to do it but knowing me, last minute I wouldn't get it done. Well one day I mentioned to Steve's wife Sarah what I was going to do, and she says to me "You cant do it!" That was all I needed to hear. At this point I was determined that no matter what I would show up with the cake. So the day before Opening Day, Opening Day eve if you will (since its just as good as Christmas) I woke up and began the process. Almost 7 hours later, here was the finished product:

The picture quality is not the greatest because they were taken by a cell phone but you better believe I rubbed that right in Sarah's face. Ha! The cake is a red velvet sheet cake which I cut to shape the logo and for the rounded parts of the logo I made cupcakes and attached them to the sheet.

Since then I actually decided to take cake decorating classes and have made some other cakes. As time goes by I will post some other cakes that I have worked on and others I make in the future.

Today I started posting in my want list and doubles list. There is still a ways to go on both of them but we have the whole 80's want list up and the 70's and part of the 80's doubles up.

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