Saturday, July 4, 2009

When exactly did we go back in time to 1962?

I cant believe I'm saying this but I just cant watch the Mets right now. I've been a Mets fan since birth. There are pictures of me in Mets bibs for gods sake. I have been a Met fan for near 29 years now and I just cant believe i'm saying this. Don't get me wrong I realize we are fielding what is essentially a AAA ballclub (some even AA) but enough is enough I cant watch the carnage.

Don't get me wrong, I am not giving up on my team. I just cant watch them make total fools of themselves night in and night out. Error after error, stupid call by Manuel after stupid call. I'm taking a breather. I'm gonna sit the bench for a couple days and hopefully after a few days rest I can come back better than ever. Hopefully the Amazin's can too.

I have posted some more to both my doubles page and want list. Its gonna take me a lot longer than I thought to get all that info up.

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