Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Girl at the Video Game Store


I've already had to update this 3 times cuz you tube keeps deleting it. Stupid copyright issues. Be back tomorrow

Steve over at the Easy Life has been posting some interesting You Tube videos lately so I thought I would capitalize on this.

I love the G4 channel. Well I did when it was all video game stuff all the time. Now I just watch those shows. Attack of the show recently celebrated their 1000th episode and for that Parry Gripp, front man from Nerf Herder, wrote a song for them.

The women of G4 are absolutely beautiful. They need a calender or something. I think I might do a future post all about them.


  1. Olivia Munn is in the latest issue of Playboy.

  2. there ya go Joe - get your spankerchief ready

  3. Unfortunately Munn is fully clothed in the playboy shoot but i hear they are still very good pictures